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We Don’t Meet Anyone By Chance


3 Types of Cosmic Connections

Ever have those moods, days or even weeks when you have all the feels? You know – like you’re a huge bottle and cage of emotion. Not in a bad way, or a good way even – just all the feels. You’re feeling it all.

(Oh and hi, hello. I’ve been on a little blogging hiatus but having all the feels brought me back. So hey!)

It’s human nature to want to run from the feels. To block. To deflect. To push away the bad, the unimaginable – and try to stay on the highs of happiness forever and ignore everything in between that isn’t always bringing us to a cloud 9 kinda vibe.

But I’m realizing that choosing all the feels, and choosing vulnerability – is beautiful. And damn is it freeing.

The more I block and the more I detract the worse I feel. It can be hard to remember that when it’s all you want to do, and I seriously think we’re hard wired to do that. Just like the reflex of bracing yourself, or swatting your arm up if something is coming towards you fast – we have a reflex to block.

The past few years have been quite an unexpected journey for me – but hey, isn’t life in general? Even when we have the best intentions and vision of where our life may go we can quickly be awakened by that dream, for there is now a new path that awaits us to stumble, fumble and even shine on down.

I’ve had people walk into my life that I will never let go of, and I’ve had people walk out that I never thought I could live without.

And they’ve all had a purpose. A chapter. A role in my lessons and on my journey.

A friend having to say farewell, an absolute soul-mate, love of your life saying goodbye and everything in between.

I recently read a beautiful blog post about this and man oh man did it give me ALL the feels.

Every encounter, every meeting, every interaction – it all has a purpose for us. Even the hard ones, and the bad ones, and the heart breaking ones. Unfortunately we have to have all of them.

And that’s ok. If you can look at them each with a grateful mind and heart instead of with hate and anger you’ll be far better off.

Now trust me, this can be hard. Like real hard.

But allowing hurt and anger to live within you doesn’t benefit anyone. It pulls you back, and never shoots the arrow of magic that you hold within you forward.

There are 3 types of cosmic connections we are all meant to have and I am oh-so-grateful for mine. (Original blog post on is here)

Nothing happens by chance.

In this world that we are blessed to live in, every single meeting and chance encounter serves a greater purpose.

Sometimes, we need people to wake us up and help change the direction of our lives; at other times, we need people to uplift us and remind us who we are. And sometimes, it’s simply about those who are meant to hold space for us.

Ironically, we aren’t meant to know the purpose of every person we meet in this life, but we are meant to remain open to whatever each encounter will reveal.

In some ways, we have to look at the world as having connections running all through it—some threads are silken and crimson, while others are roughened burlap. Each thread depicts a different meeting that has yet to occur.

We are meant to interact with one another in this life and let our lives overlap. It sometimes seems that social media is chasing away the need for those real life connections, but something within our own minds begins to shift when we start to truly believe that every single thing that happens does so for a reason.

Not all encounters are supposed to last forever; sometimes, those meetings come in for just a mere moment in time. Perhaps it was to delay you, so that a car accident would be missed—or even to arrange a meeting for you with a potential lover. Sometimes, the universe sends us people to help us on our journey, even if they aren’t meant to be a significant part of it.

Life is a magical mystery of synchronicity, which is the belief that the universe sends us signs along the way to help direct us toward our life purpose. This can be the random meeting of people, angels, numbers, songs, and even feathers letting us know that there is a plan in place that we are not yet aware of.

Sometimes it seems that the more amazing something is the less we can actually recognize it in our lives.

Perhaps we can’t truly ever plan for destiny—but maybe we can prepare ourselves for it by making room for the unexpected.

Souls who are meant to wake us up.

I suppose these are those individuals who come into our lives permanently, or at least for an extended period of time. Sometimes, these are even soulmates or twin flames. These individuals come into our lives to create a roadblock for us. They ultimately stop us from living the life that we had been, and they make it impossible to ignore the call to awaken.

In many ways, these people are those who are rare gold, and we can sometimes sense them upon our initial meeting. Usually there is a sense of recognition in our eyes as well as a familiar vibration between individuals, you can see this person – see into them, yet this doesn’t mean that they aren’t meant to disrupt the status quo.

When we are young, we all have an idea of how we think our life will go—and then we get to the place where all we can do is laugh because of the actual path that it is taking. Nothing goes according to plan, but that’s because things aren’t meant to.

Instead, we sometimes receive divine intervention from these souls who are sent to us because of prior soul contracts.
In essence, we have agreed to meet in this life prior to being born; we have agreed upon the time and even the meeting place.

All that is then left is for fate to play out, so that we can be directed back toward ourselves and the life purpose that we have yet to fulfill.

Souls who help remind us who we are.

In life, it sometimes seems that we battle with growing away from ourselves. We are these amazing children filled with fire and creativity, and somewhere along the way, we forget what we used to believe in with such vigor.

We often sell out for being adults and responsible, and somewhere along the way, we forget who we were truly born to be. This isn’t about how much money we make, or even what kind of job we hold down—it’s about our soul and inner compass.

Are we living each moment being true to ourselves? Or have we instead adopted the ideals and expectations of others, in an attempt to be someone that we think others need? The most difficult aspects that any of us face is the decision (and journey) to be ourselves, to break the mold, and to live according to our own truth.

These types of souls come into our lives to help remind us of who we were, so that we can begin to be more true to ourselves. Sometimes, they will do it gently—and at other times, it will need to be more disruptive, so that we can remember what it is we’ve so deeply forgotten.

Sometimes, the truth is that in order to become who we are meant to be, we first need to remember who we were before we tried to be like everyone else.

Souls who simply hold space for us.

Often these are the ones who we simply cross paths with momentarily, who are meant to hold space for us in some small way.

These are the conversations that begin instantly and last for hours while on a bus, or those smiles as we walk with a coffee in hand, wondering how our hearts became broken once again. Sometimes, it seems we believe that cosmic, soul connections have to be these big, lifelong experiences—but in reality, we have them every single day.

Just because someone doesn’t stay in our lives for years doesn’t mean that their purpose isn’t a fulfilling or meaningful one. Usually these types of souls don’t know us well; perhaps, it may even be that it was merely us noticing someone who is invisible to most, such as a homeless person on the street or that hitchhiker on the side of the road.

However, the beautiful thing is that we all have a story, and we all have a purpose in this life. Sometimes people come in to change our lives and stay—and at other times, they merely hold space so other changes can occur.

To the souls in my life who were meant to wake me up, remind me of who I am (and oh am I a unique one lol) and hold space for me – all the different parts of you have woven together the best parts of me.


You see – our threads of interconnectedness are what make this planet as amazingly unpredictable as it is, because in the end, the reality is that we just never know when we’ll bump into someone who was sent to us to change our lives.