Monthly Archives: November 2015

The greatest love story of all?


After being at one of the greatest and most beautiful weddings I have ever been a part of this past weekend I was fortunate to see, remember and experience how wonderful love truly is.

As humans, and especially as women, we naturally place a huge emphasis on romantic love. The love with your partner, that one true soul your insides always search for and hope for, and if you’re lucky enough, actually get to have. The love that shakes you. The love that keeps you moving and breathing, the love that makes you high. That love really is the best love, and one of the most important loves we all long for. But sometimes we forget about another great kind of love.

I love love. And for me, I feel like every moment, experience, struggle and success in my life has brought me here, and allowed me to become the person I was always meant to be – a lover.

But sometimes that sure romantic love we know and feel and get to have doesn’t end up the way we thought it would. It’s confusing, and weird and uncomfortable. And it sucks. When it feels like love isn’t enough, it just doesn’t make sense. Because every bone and belief in your body tells you it should be. So what’s next? And what’s left?

Well…if you’re lucky enough…maybe what truly is the greatest love of all is still around you.

The love you have with your friends.

You know, those friends.

The friend that jumps on a plane and helps you put your life back together when it’s come undone at the seams.

The person who is instantly at your side and shows up wherever you are – even when you don’t ask.

A person who leaves you bacon, cards and coffee at your desk – just because.

The wonderful soul who offers their house, their couch, clothes, a homemade meal  – whatever you may need, the minute things go wrong.

The long distance friend who tears up the second you hug when you’re reunited and chokes up the minute you say goodbye (yep, straight out of a movie kind of moment). 

Or the one who offers you vodka when you’re sick. Then impersonates creepy animals in the hopes of getting you to crack a smile.

The friend who texts you pictures of their adorable child doing silly things, sends loving care packages, the list goes on.

If you’re lucky enough to have friends like this, friends like mine, then you are truly blessed. And when everything is going wrong, remember this love.

Friends that remind you of your guts and your worth.

Friends that stand you back up when you fall and help you fly on the way down.

Maybe the greatest love stories we’ll ever experience in our life are the ones with our friends.

And that’s pretty cool.