Monthly Archives: May 2015

Time to Rove


Since I’m not quite yet at a place where the words are-a-flowin easily and I’m ready and able to start writing about what these past few months have felt like I decided what I am ready for is to listen to the one thing that has been calling me since the start of this life transition. The one thing that made sense amongst the chaos, that I knew would bring me peace and ultimately mean something in my greater plan that I have yet to realize.

I am being called to the road. 


To move, travel, explore, adventure – here and there and everywhere. Until I get the words, my voice, some music and a dance back in my heart I shall journey and fumble and move along to help find and collect anything that may have gone missing recently, the pieces and parts of me that have been temporarily lost along the way, and get them back.

You may think I want to travel to escape, and maybe a part of that is true, but couldn’t it also be true that travel isn’t really escaping life, but it rather is allowing life not to escape us? Ponder that shiot.

I had an “aha” moment last night and today I woke up knowing what I had to do. I hear ya world! And I shall listen to your call! Challenge accepted.

For the rest of this year, the next 7 months, I will be embarking on one adventure a month. 7 adventures in 7 months. I shall go to the unknown, alone or with a friend, get lost, maybe get found, do something sporty, or beachy, intense, relaxing – whatever it may be – I have this beautiful west coast right at my fingertips and there’s no time like the present to see what’s out there. Instead of saying “I’ve always wanted to go there!” I will be able to start responding with “Wow, I recently went there and it’s fill in the blank

Kicking off my first journey in June. Where will I go? What do you think? Any guesses, suggestions? Some destinations will most likely end up being bucket list desires, others just random wishes of places I’ve only heard stories about and some may be totally spontaneous – a car, a bag, a weekend, and a drive, that’s all I’ll need.

Nature as my hotel room and the road as my guide – I shall journey out into the great unknown.

I’m not sure what it will feel like when I leave or who I will be when I return, but this is literally the one thing that has been present in my heart since all of life’s shenanigans have gone down, so I will let it rise and I will act on it, instead of just pushing it down and going about with my mundane and routine life.

You know, all of us get calls like this. You, me, everyone, and most of us, we push it down. We ignore it, we think it will go away, and tell ourselves all of the reasons why we can’t do it – financially, the time, energy, etc. – it will cost us. Well what if we start thinking of all the reasons why we can do it instead? And more importantly, why we need to do it. That one thing you’ve wanted to do for awhile, that keeps popping back up inside your brain – DO IT. Now. Today. Right now, start making a plan to do it. Whatever it is. It’s speaking to you for a reason – pick up the phone and answer the call.

Maybe these adventures will lead me to a place and a piece of me that I could have never imagined, or maybe they wont. But I will never know unless I start moving and driving and exploring.

Maybe the road holds my story and will be the writer of this blog for the next 7 months.

Maybe the wind in my hair and new faces and moments and experiences are what this crazy gyspy soul of mine has been craving, and wanting.

Either way. I’m ready.

It’s time to let the wandering begin.