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Take It or Leave It


Today right before sunset I went on a walk with the dog, and little did I know that today’s walk would end up being one of the coolest ones I’ve been on in awhile.

I went a different way tonight, a longer path, up and down hills I never go on, and ended up at this un-official, friendly dog park. I walked up to the top corner of the park to get the best view of the sun on it’s descent for the day – when something caught my eye.

It was this cute little box on a post. And when I got closer, and could see what it read, it instantly made me smile.

Little Library 1

Yes you’re seeing this right. A little free library. Take a book, leave a book. What was this? Was it really what I thought it was? How did I not know about it? Is this a thing? In my own neighborhood nonetheless?

Yes, it’s a thing. A pretty big thing actually. And it’s called a Little Free Library.

Take a book, leave a book. What a wonderful concept. Strangers getting connected by something so powerful and wonderful – the gift of reading. The gift of something that can completely take you away to another place. The gift of something that enriches your life and colors your imagination. The gift of a good book.

And it’s from a stranger. A stranger that you’re now connected to. A Little Free Library is a way for people to come together again.

You see this little box is so much more than a library. After immediately getting on my phone to Google what the heck I had discovered I learned that this is a movement, and a cool one at that.

It all started in 2009 when a Wisconsin man built a little school house (as a tribute to his mother who was a teacher that loved to read), filled it with books, and placed it in his front yard with a sign that said “Free Books”. One little library turned into thousands of them, each one built from recycled materials with the theme of exchanging good books while bringing people together for something positive.

Community + connection. I. Was. Stoked.

Little Library 3

By the end of 2014 there were 15,000 little free libraries in the U.S. Wow – promoting literacy, and the love of reading by exchanging free books with strangers. How cool is this.

So here I am. Excited beyond belief, wanting so badly to take a book (but knowing I must wait until I can come back to gift one in exchange) and just feeling proud and happy.

Proud that there are still good people out there doing great things, and bringing people together, and making a difference. And happy that I was now a part of it.

Sometimes we may lose our footing a little, or lose pieces of ourselves. A job title, a friendship, a memory, a moment. There are always endings to our beginnings. Becoming separated  is just a part of life, whether we like it or not. And it may not be easy to say goodbye, you may not be ready for it, or want it, or understand it.

But then we get the hello’s. An open door, an invite to join something new. We may not see experiences and moments like this – but there they are.  Waiting for us. Ready for us.

It’s the yin to the yang. The push to the pull. The give to the take.

Something may end, but something could also begin. My front yard may or may not be housing a Free Little Library in the very near future , but if you’re local in SD, and want to see this cool little treasure for yourself, wander up to 2550 Fairfield Street.  You’ll be glad you did.

Give and take. Push and pull. Pick up a free book and get connected my people.

Little Library 5

Keepin’ It Real For Another Year


Holy canoli it’s almost the end of January and it’s already 2015! My oh my where has the time gone. It was almost Thanksgiving, then Christmas was around the corner, now it’s a new year.

images Here I am back at work – a bit frazzled, a lil chubbier (whoopsie) and just wondering  what the heck happened these past few  months. And what the heck happened to my  cute, wrinkle free face lol. And my hair. (No really, it looks like this cats).

I remember thinking that I  wanted my first post of 2015 to  be really powerful, you know, to be something really great. I kept  thinking of all the different  themes I could attach my writing to for the year: 30 day challenges (ie: no dairy, or no complaining….eek), showing inspiring stories of strength and courageousness (because holy hell I continue to be impressed from those around me) or maybe some good books to read, blogs to follow, places to travel to, recipes to try cooking – you get the drift. I wanted to be profound! I should say something important. Something great!


Well crap, I got nothin’. I kept trying to fit this blog and my thoughts and my voice into a theme. But that felt un-natural. And so I never started. I was like the chick in the movie who’s sitting at a vintage typewriter with crumpled paper all around her, in a super cute extra large sweater and leggings and dark rimmed glasses, chewing on her pencil, barely being able to type the first few words (minus the typewriter, and the paper, and the nice mahogony desk lol. Just a girl staring at her computer. Crap, minus the cute outfit too. But you know what I’m talking about. Why are girl writers in movies so cool?!).

This isn’t a food blog. Or a yoga blog. Or an inspirational blog. Or maybe it is, or maybe it’s a little of all of that. What I don’t want is for this to be something that is regimented and predictable and routine. What I do want is for this to be natural, and fun and random and weird.

When I was little I loved writing. Notes, poems, music, journals  (maybe some notes here and there that got me into trouble) – whatever. I figured I’d never get a job as a writer (just being realistic here folks) so I decided the next best thing was to start a blog. And holy crap I did it, and that was 3 years ago!



I think I started peaceloveandhippiness for 2 reasons: 1, to prove to myself that I could do it. I mean let’s be honest, we all say we’re going to do stuff and never really do. I do this ALL the time. And 2, that maybe one day, in a place deep down, that something I wrote would strike a cord with you. It would speak to you. It would help you, or frustrate you, or make you think differently or just put a smile on your face.

So I guess that’s what this blog has kinda turned into. It’s real, and gutsy, maybe heart wrenching, thought-provoking, potentially inspiring and hopefully relatable. But most importantly, I’m shooting for real. There’s enough phoney crap in this world already isn’t there? Let’s be real my homies.

So I hope you enjoy the ride of yet another year on my writing journey! My hope is you find and store even the smallest little treasure from my words in a suitcase within your soul, where every and anything that matters, is kept.

It’s 2015 baby and I feel alive. (name that show). 

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