Monthly Archives: October 2014

8-Ounce Strength


We’re so used to hearing that we need to keep so many things in our lives strong.

Our minds, our bank accounts, the relationships we’re in, the bodies we walk around with and our general attitude toward life. While all of those things are important in some way or another, the most critical thing to keep strong?

Your heart.

It guides you, carries you, forgives, remembers, holds grudges, beats for others and most importantly, beats for you.

Get anything that’s messily living within your heart – out. Let it go.

Something that’s not serving you, a person who doesn’t deserve you, a bad day, crap moment, bad look or negative thought. Let it go – all of it.

Happiness isn’t the absence of problems, but rather the strength to deal with them. 

You probably don’t even realize it but most, if not all, of the decisions you make on a daily basis are done so by your heart. Think about that.

Your heart is constantly guiding you and speaking to you. It literally is a part of your entire day. All the time. So take care of it you jerk! (just kidding, you’re not a jerk)

Keep your heart strong and your head up. And keep on keepin’ on.

(Oh and just so we’re all clear – huge fan of this dude and this song)