All Aboard!


You know what feels good? Packing. Not your life, your office or your house. Sometimes those things can be sad. I’m talking about a trip you’re going on – a trip you want to go on. Not a sad trip, a “have to” trip. A fun, can’t wait, is-it-here-yet trip. You know those kinds of trips. It’s the kind we all want every trip to be.

The feel-good kind of packing you don’t even realize you’re doing. The kind where every item you’re packing you’re imagining how and when and where you’ll use it. How you’ll wear this hat, what night you’ll wear this dress, what day you may want to finally put on this crazy bikini. That kind of packing. When you haven’t even arrived yet you know just how blissful it will be, kind of packing.

And ’tis life. . .

As I pack tonight for a trip (the fun kind!) I am instantly finding myself brought to moments and experiences and smells and tastes I haven’t even experienced yet. Fact – we associate things to moments, and our brain has an actual triggered response to things – all things. Clothes, songs, food, streets, cities, people – the works. I know we all know this, but it’s crazy how we sometimes don’t listen to it, or ignore it, or just don’t really care about it. Our brain instantly ties something in front of us to a past experience. Good or bad or whatever. We have a response to everything.

I literally got SO excited tonight packing for a trip. The intoxicating feeling you get when you picture yourself there. The cone to the ice cream sundae, the heels to the outfit, the signed paperwork to the newly bought house – as soon as that part’s done – you’re there. You’re in it. You feel it. You’re ready for it. You want it.

To me – these moments fall into buckets…or maybe it’s more like suitcases.

We put our thoughts and our memories and our hopes and our dreams into a suitcase. Sometimes to be opened at a later date – or maybe to be peeked into once in awhile, or maybe to be broken open and looked into today. Our “everything” seems to be kept in a suitcase.

Some may call this the obvious baggage. I prefer to consider it as a special box of treasures. Magical treasures that have helped make you and your life what it is.

The good, the uncomfortable, the highs, the awfuls, the greats – we bring these things in our suitcases around with us everywhere we go, all the time. Most days, without even realizing it.

These suitcases make us some days, and are hardly a part of us others.

They hold the people we miss so much we want to scream and cry for. They hold the songs and the silly moments and distant memories that will forever be held in our hearts. They hold the moments we had strength and are proud of. They hold the moments we failed, the moments we fell. They hold it all – and they are held in our heart.

The point? I’m not sure. My point? I want to hold on to my suitcases. And keep them shut tight. To preserve the beautiful moments, the awful chaos, the failures – the rises and falls. The everything.

Maybe my suitcases define me. Maybe they don’t. They are potentially hilarious to some, and mortifying to others.

Whatever the case – I am bringing them with me. Wherever I wander and wherever I wind up.

My suitcases tell a story so I better be damn sure they’re a part of my ride.

Who’s joining me?! Grab yours and get on this crazy train.


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