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Shut up and Salsa


When I get bored I find things to do, or make. I’m not usually one of those people (and when I say “one of those people” I don’t mean that negatively, I really wish I was one of those people) that can lounge on the couch for hours and zone out watching tv or take a nap or just chill. I’ve come to realize I am not a “chiller” (contrary to belief).

So naturally I do sometimes get bored while camping, or shall I say glamping (because let’s be honest, the kind of camping I’ve been doing lately is just scratching the surface of roughing it, and truly camping). And I digress…

What’s one to do when they’re bored while glamping? Open up the cupboards (told you I was glamping), search for food like some hungry savage, and if you don’t find anything that meets your pallets needs – create it yourself. Hence, my homemade salsa attempt. Who knew that this would be one of the many recipes I’ve made up myself and attempted that didn’t fail. Winning!

So I started out with some fresh produce from the local farmers market (someday I shall write on the interesting characters at that joint, quite the entertainment), minimal seasoning and a glass of wine. Use more or less veggies – the possibilities of your new favorite salsa are endless!

Naturally, wine makes everything better. Sometimes you just gotta wine a little (get it?) Hehe.

Tomatoes, mangos, green onions, lemons and limes.

Tomatoes, mangos, green onions, lemons and limes.

Chop it all up. Sip some wine.

I like it chunky - chop as you like

I like it chunky – chop as you like

Salsa 3

Add some olive oil, salt, pepper, squeeze the fresh lemon and lime – and let it sit. Be sure to get back on that wine during this downtime.

I only chilled it for an hour (only because I couldn’t keep my hungry little hands off of it). The flavors mix together and it starts to take the look and shape of real, authentic salsa. Look at you kid!

Salsa 4     Salsa 5

Add some sliced avocado (duh), dip in a chip and enjoy! And at this point you should obvi just finish the bottle of wine.

Yep. I served the above in styrofoam. And yes, this is obviously not the most complex recipe to make. But it was easy and fun and delicious and it cured my boredom. Plus you know it’s all natural and there’s no extra weird stuff in it (aka – those weird ingredients on labels that are just fillers).

So…what to do next. . .