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Risky Business


You know the old saying, “No risk, no reward” – well I never actually believed that’s how things worked. I mean I’ve taken a few risks in my day (okay, a lot maybe – sorry mom) but I guess I would fail to see the reward, or the lesson. I’d always see those people who did something really crazy and then months later you’d see this huge opportunity just fall into their lap – but does it really? Wasn’t their huge risk the part of their life that pushed that reward up in front of their face? I mean technically speaking, did it really “fall” into their lap? Or did they go get it.

We all know the story – the guy (or replace with your friend, sister, co-worker, enemy) who quit their job in corporate america making umteen million dollars a year to start a new business selling his dream product (that you may have thought was seriously so stupid) who is now happier than ever and again, making umteen million dollars a year. Like come on – that doesn’t really happen does it?

Well it did. Sort of. To me. (Not the umteen million dollars part though – I’d wear much better clothes if it did). Keep reading.

So as you know I quit my job last year in the spring (go me!) without having another job, or opportunity, or income, or insurance or blah blah blah – you get the point. I quit my job and it was scary, and stupid and risky…or was it?

I have a new job now – and you know what’s nuts, I have learned you can actually like your job. And even possibly love your job and the higher ups and your co-workers, and you get the drift. Holy crap you can like your job! (Discovery of the day)

And how did I realize I enjoy where I work?

I’m not going home every night talking my poor man’s ear off about how this happened, and then that happened, and then she said this to me (I mean I’m still talking his ear off of course, just not about negative work crap). No longer is my mentality while I’m at work or in meetings or at events to “survive”. I mean come on – that is like the most obvious tell-tale sign that it’s time to go. You’re trying to just survive? It’s time to leave my friend.

I catch myself saying ‘yes’ to things before I even think about what it would entail. Do you know what I used to be like? I would have to envision the entire situation playing out and all the possible ways and times I may possibly be thrown under the bus or set up to fail before I would even fathom responding, let alone responding with a quick yes!

Now don’t get me wrong – of course there are days where I am not all shiny with rainbows and ribbons in my hair – those days happen too. Those are called Mondays. But really, honest to gosh, for the most part – I am happy at my work. I like being here, I enjoy working with (not for) my boss (whom I absolutely adore) and I truly don’t want to let anyone down at work.

Say whaaaa?

I know what you’re thinking – who gives a shit that she likes her job.If you don’t like your job – you pretty much hate me right now (it’s okay, I would’ve too) and even if you somewhat like your job, you may be thinking – yeah so what? Get to the point you crazy hippie.

Well here’s my point.

NONE of this would have happened if I hadn’t been risky, or fearless, or stupid, or careless – or whatever you want to call it. Everything in life has a domino effect, the good, the bad, the ugly – every action has a reaction. Me standing still did nothing for me.

According to the very wise Subway (not really), this is the month of “JanYOUany” and I couldn’t agree more.

It’s the start of 2014 and it’s time to get ballsy. Yep. I said it. BALLS. It’s time YOU get some.

images(not this kind)

We all have them – we just have to remember to use them! (what an awful saying though, seriously) Do something scary NOW. Not tomorrow – not in a week, not when you set the date. Now.

Hop on that stand up paddleboard for the first time to prove to yourself that not only can you do it – but holy crap you’re actually good at it! Speak up for yourself. Quit your job. Make a big move that terrifies you. Breakup if you’re not happy. Really, actually start to take care of your body. Find one thing every day that brings you ultimate happiness and remind yourself of how happy it makes you feel – and friggin do it! More than once.

It’s 2014 and I’m sure your Facebook news feed is inundated with everyone’s New Years Resolutions (and food porn…and baby pictures) – but we all know they don’t last. (btw why is that?) For whatever annoying reason it’s so damn hard to stick to them. So choose one thing – and do it. Jump. Fall. Tug on those balls and grit your teeth and do something that seriously freaks you out.

Get. Freaking. Risky.Because we only get those few opportunities to do something crazy. Before you know it – boom – the moment is gone, and we’re back to our mundane, old-regular life (which is good too of course! Normal is nice).

So what was the point of this? Who freaking knows.

I suppose in the end I’m writing this to myself. To remember that me being risky earned me big rewards. Huge rewards.

And don’t tell anyone, but it makes me want to try to figure out what risky thing I shall do next 😉