How To Not Go Batshit Crazy This Christmas


The holidays are here – well almost, but it feels like they’re snowballing in and we’re about to run and take cover until they hit and are over.

Oh wait. That’s just me.

You see, my holidays are straight up “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” – yep, exactly like the movie. Now don’t get me wrong and please do not misinterpret that – I am beyond grateful that I am able to travel and see all my loved ones and for all the love and abundance I have in my life and these incredible peeps who love me even after they know everything about me – but holy crap, the holidays can sometimes do a doozie on ya. Who’s with me? From the travel, and gifts, and invites and cards and food, and drinking – it’s a lot. And it can be overwhelming. Even if you love the holidays and are down to celebrate the festivus for the rest of us – it can still be a bit daunting.

I could not help but share this ridiculously hilarious blog post I came across. Not only was I dying with laughter at how perfectly real and witty this is written but literally laughed even harder at the comments from other readers below it. Hallelujiah other people think like me!

Even if you loooooooooove the holidays (and seriously, good for you) and are completely disgusted that I am even remotely showing any stress over them – you will still find funny. Whether you’re a mom with limited time, pooped from working too much, broke from life in general or just like to have an edgy attitude once in awhile – I promise you will enjoy just a tad, wee bit :).

Happy Holidays! Now clean up your damn dishes.

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How To Not Go Batshit Crazy This Christmas

Every year we all say that “next year” will be the one when we won’t stress as much during the holidays, and that we won’t “do so much.” There’s sometimes even crazy talk after a glass of mulled wine about doing a “handmade-only gift exchange next year” but anyone who’s tried to handcraft a gift for a teenage girl who doesn’t happen to be building an Amish hope-chest understands that this is what I refer to as “crazy talk.”  No, sir! you protest. Next year will be different!  Well, that’s bullshit and you know it and I know it, but for the sake of not wanting to alienate a reader, I’ll let the assertion stand.

But you know you’re lying; by this time next year your holiday gift list will have grown exponentially and you’ll probably be hosting that neighbourhood mixer you swore you’d never participate in. And what’s that? Oh yes; I even see a cookie exchange in your future. So yeah; you’re a liar, but it’s okay because so am I, and I’ll be right there with you trading Air Miles for something “Extra-Blaster-Turbo-Action-Starter-Pack” for my son despite the mountain of gifts for him already under the tree. We mean well and what counts when the fiery end finally comes is that we meant well, right? (I am no fun at Christmas parties.)… To keep reading click here


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