Overnight Oats – The Hype is Legit


So I’ve been hearing and wondering about what the heck “Overnight Oats” are for like ever now. Ok maybe only a few months, but seriously, I’m intrigued. I decided to finally see what the hype was all about, so I cooked them up last night (and when I say cook, I mean threw the items into a jar) and tried it out this morning. Um delish! I’m a huge fan. And want you to be too.

It’s super easy to make – requires very few ingredients – encourages you to be creative and make it however you want – and can keep you full and satisifed all morning! Yes. Please.

So you start with some rolled oats (not instant, have to be the real deal), milk (I used almond but you can use any kind you want), yogurt, a fruit of some sort (I chose raspberries) and any other fun stuff you want to throw in. I added in sliced almond slivers and chia seeds. Yes, cha-cha-cha chia! Those seeds. I also finally learned all about the benefits of these little gems and am excited to throw them in all my culinary creations going forward.

overnight oats pic 2(Yes. I’m slightly obssessed with Trader Joe’s if you can’t tell)

Ok here comes the fun! You literally layer them up and put the ingredients in as you wish. There are exact measurements you’re suppose to follow, but if you know me, you know that’s not how I roll. I prefer to throw those delicious ingredients in however I want. (And yes, I mistakenly, regularly leave key ingredients out of recipes because I forget to follow the receipe…butternut squash soup much? A certain someone knows what I’m talking about).

So what are you going to put your delicious overnight oats in? I chose these super cute mini mason jars – but you can do anything! Plastic cups, red solo keg cups, wine glasses, whatever your little heart desires. You’ll need a lid though – so keep that in mind when choosing.

overnight oats pic 3

I tried to layer them in so they’d look pretty but it ended up looking like this instead, fail. Oh well – I will get the hang of it in no time. And why do I want it pretty? Because it will taste better duh.

                            overnight oats pic 4      overnight oats pic 5

Ok. So once you’ve got all your super fun and creative ingredients in, you give your creation a good shake. And voila. You’re ready for the fridge. Somehow the chilly fridge and combo of the liquid ingredients actually cook the oatmeal – crazy concept right? I made 4 jars last night so I could have my breakfast ready each morning  this week in kind of a grab-n-go fashion, but you could just do one at a time too.

overnight oats pic 6I sliced up bananas to put on top of it this morning and enjoyed. Mmmmmm.

overnight oats pic 1

It’s easy to make, keeps you satisfied and is super low cost if you’re trying to stretch your dollars.

I think my next creations will involve chocolate, or peanut butter, maybe some mango – and even possibly a green one with kale, spinach, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy 🙂


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