Monthly Archives: January 2013

Be. Period.


Sometimes we forget how much we block, or try to control, or change – at least I know I do.

We feel tired – we caffeinate. We feel sad – we eat, or drink, or destroy. We feel happy – we’re happy, unless someone around us isn’t, then we most certainly should hide how happy we are. If they’re not happy, I surely can’t show them how happy I am! We feel proud – we think we may be being cocky, so we stop. We love – but then we quickly feel the need to make sure we’re loved back.

Oftentimes we can never just be. Or feel. Or do – without having some kind of thought creep in about it. And the why behind it. And if it’s okay that we’re doing it, or feeling it and…you know those convos you have.

Today in yoga, I realized how nice it was to just lay on my mat and feel. I could be happy, I could be sad, I could suck, I could be great, I could be whatever the hell I wanted. I didn’t have to put on a pretty face if I was down in the dumps, I didn’t have to act like I cared when someone was blabbing on and on about something I really didn’t give a crap about (yeah, I said it), I didn’t have to be a peacekeeper, or a great employee, or a good cook, or a good girlfriend (I’m not saying I’m any of those things, I’m just giving examples. Ok, well maybe I am one or two of those). I could just be whatever I wanted to be, in that moment.

We all have a place that just allows us to “just be”. Maybe it’s when you lace up your shoes and hit the streets for an early morning run, maybe it’s when you lay on the beach, or read a book, or paint, or cook, or whatever. That thing that allows you to just let your mind be still.

Well maybe you should do “that thing” a little more often. Life is so fast and changes and moves and twists and turns right before our eyes  – sometimes it’s hard to keep up… with ourselves. We realize we’ve been running and running and moving along with everything that’s flying by us, but then all of a sudden, we realize we left the music at home.

You blink and things change. And your first instict is to run. Or to crumble, or to adjust or fit into it.

Robert Frost’s great quote quickly comes to mind “The best way out is always through.”