Birds Of A Feather Flock Together


Team. What does that word mean to you?

According to wikepedia (you know, the most trusted source of definitions on the internet, wink wink) a team “Comprises a group of people or animals linked in a common purpose”.

A team comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For some of us we have teams in our life that are profund and some that aren’t. Maybe yours is the sports team you’re on, or the club you recently joined. It could be your drinking team, a workout group, a support group of some sort. Whatever it is – no doubt that team has had an impact on your life, and the way you may feel on a daily basis.

To me (besides my family and friends of course), the most profoud team in my life would definitely have to be my colleagues.

They highlight my strengths, and surely highlight my weaknesses.

They get on my every last nerve and stick up for me when the going gets tough.

I fight with them, I love them and I don’t like them – all at the same time somedays.

They are those people that are down in the trenches with you and oftentimes know exactly what you need and require to get back on top of the world again.

Hell – if you’re spending at least 40+ hours a week with your team you might as well appreciate what’s great and good about it and be grateful that you have what you do.

Right now I’m almost positive you wouldn’t be able to think about something incredible you accomplished at work, or in a game, or at a gym class – without attributing your success to your team or a specific team mate.

Even if you yourself are a rockstar (and duh of course you are), it’s the ones around you that allow you to achieve greatness on a daily basis.

Babe Ruth once said “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have a great team, and how good it feels to hear that you’re appreciated on one. We get so consumed on being a “Rockstar!” or being “The Best!” that we fail to realize we wouldn’t be able to shine so brightly if we didn’t have people surrounding us.

(The infamous highschool junior Meghan Vogel helping her opposing runner across the finish line after she collapsed)

How ironic that the people we may not even realize we’re competing against – are the same people that carry us through to the finish at the end.

So be thankful, and be grateful for your team.

It could be your friends, your family, your fellow yogis, your classmates – anyone that lets you shine.

Whoever they are – stick with them and flock together.

Because in the end – you’re probably all searching for the same thing.

(Penguins migrating for love)

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  1. UMMM LOVE this post (love them all but this is my fave!) So lucky to have you on multiple teams with me:) and yes that includes our fire ball team. xoxo.

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