5 Things I Love About Fall


It’s official. Fall is here – and I love it. The smells, the sights, the styles, the sounds – I love. All. Of. It.

What do I love about it most you ask? Well let me tell you!

1. Pumpkin. Pumpkin everything! Latte, doughnuts, beer, candles, chapstick, bread, lotion, air fresheners, pies. Mmm pumpkin pies. Fact – since I’ve been little I’ve had a pumpkin pie every year for my birthday instead of cake. I hate cake. I am a pumpkin fanatic.

If only people were posting more pictures of pumpkin fill in the blank‘s instead of political views and unpleasant baby status updates on Facebook, I’m telling you – the world would be a much happier place.



2. Chilly weather. Yep. A chill is definitely in the air. Even when we have warm days (which are so annoyingly frequent here in San Diego, wink wink), there is a chill in the feel of the warm air. It’s cool. And you know what chilly weather means right? Boots, sweaters and scarves – oh my! Cozy blankets, nights by the fireplace, warm glasses of wine – chilly weather brings so much warmth. Oh the irony.

One of my favorite things to do out here is go to the beach, with a blanket. It’s invigorating. Watching the waves, admiring the surfers who are still out there catching a wave or two, getting a red nose and chills, and swallowing yourself up in a big, warm, cozy blanket. Just because it’s colder out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer activities – sometimes it makes them even neater.

3. Coziness. Everything just seems cozy. Maybe it’s because the weather is colder that people are closer together. Coffee shops seem more bustling, bookstore couches and chairs are all full of readers, parties seem more packed and restaurants seem to have more love and laughter. Seriously – just start to look in a few more windows you pass by while shopping and notice all the coziness happening. Fires are everywhere – in your living room, at your campsite, in your backyard. When I was growing up – having a fire in the family room with everyone in there was pretty much standard. To this day, I still take building a fire very seriously – I help chop the wood, stack the wood and make the fire in my own house now. Woman make fire. Woman make fire big. Dad would be so proud.

4. Excitement. There seems to be a quiet, chaotic excitement in the air when fall hits for some reason. Everyone is traveling more, spending more time with family and friends and loved ones, work seems to get crazy. Everything seems a bit chaotic- but in an exciting way. It’s not overwhelming, it’s just busy. But a good busy. The kind of busy you sometimes forgot that you craved during those slow and peaceful summer months.

5. Fall beauty. With fall brings the best surprise ever – the changing of the weather. The leaves, the wind, the colors, the smells. ….the rain. Oh the rain. I think my mid-western roots really come out when it rains. It reminds me of home. It reminds me of love. But most importantly – it reminds me that everything can be washed away and started new. Rain is a fresh start. Add in some beautiful colored leaves and the crackle and pop of walking on them (oh I love that sound), and you have found yourself in an eclectic fall wonderland.

To me, the changing of the seasons always brings something new.

And fall – brings love.

People seem happier. Love seems endless. And more beauty seems to be in in our spirit and surroundings.

Enjoy the change – because it won’t last.

Go on and wrap yourself up in a big blanket, grab someone you love, and crack open a pumpkin ale beer.

Ahh, fall is here 😉





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