Bad Days Are Okay


Isn’t it funny how the minute we’re having a bad day, or a friend is having a bad day – we immediately try to fix it.

“You’ll be fine, look at all that’s good in your life!” Or “I will be okay, tomorrow is a new day.”

Shut up friend. Zip it self. Do you really think I want to hear that right now?

It’s like we’ve been taught that having a “bad day” is a bad thing….but what if it’s really not.

What if it’s okay to have a bad day once in awhile.

Sometimes it lets you see something you would have been blind to. Or it helps you make an important decision you’ve been putting off. Sometimes bad days can really affect our fate and our destiny in the end too. You truly never know what a bad day will bring.

In my opinion there are some perks of having a bad day:

– You get to be a huge beotch to whoever you want. Yep. Because you’re having a bad day damnit!

– Overdosing with food is fun. What other night will you allow yourself to eat an entire large pizza, dip it in ranch, follow it up with almost finishing a 2 liter of pop (or a 6 pack of Corona) and then having a tub of ice cream to yourself for desert – with no judgement at all.

– Makes you look at good days in a whole new light. Who knew that days you didn’t get rear ended from the back or get yelled at by your boss were actually pretty decent days?

– You look like total shit and you dont give a crap. Um yes please.

– Getting caught up on all those Lifetime movies about pregnant teenagers and really messed up relationships is pretty nice.

– Tough moments or days will often show you who will accept you at your worst and who won’t. (see opening paragraph in regards to those really obnoxious friends that annoy the hell out of you to try to make you have a good day, when in the end, you end up appreciating). Whoopsie. Def one of those friends. . .

– You don’t have to clean, cook, or work out. Why you ask? Because you surely don’t have time to do any of those things when you’re having a bad day! Duh.

So go on. Have your bad day. It’s ok.

We all have them. And we’re all in this together.

Put your hand on your heart, breathe, and remember that you have a purpose.

Meanwhile – try to mildly (in some really messed up way) enjoy your bad day.

And the pizza too.


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