“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul” – Moshe Dayan (Israeli Soldier)


Free. An adjective. The legit definition is: Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes. Well that’s a pretty sweet definition if I do say so myself.

We’re all free from something. Maybe a job that was slowly eating away at you, or a toxic relationship. Maybe you’re free from yourself; from the things you used to tell yourself you could never do, or would never do. Maybe we’re even free from unpleasant locations, people, family members. Anything. Each one of us is free from something. Right now I bet you could list at least 3-5 things in your head you’re free from.

But it seems that for whatever reason we forget to celebrate our freedom. It takes our biggest cheerleaders, who are most times our family/friends/husbands/boyfriends, to remind us of this newfond accomplishment. For some odd reason we never give ourselves enough credit  – maybe it’s because we’re so focused on the mundane daily tasks we’re checking off our lists, or we’re trudging through an unpleasant situation so fast that we forget how incredible we really are. Or maybe we just actually don’t realize it until we hear it from someone else. It’s kind of like, oh yeah. I am pretty great! Look at what I did! Good job self.

 It’s time we remembered. I mean look at you! You’re great.

 When you’re finally free from something it’s like this sensational release. Your thoughts are clear, your soul is jiving in harmony again and you are smiling through your eyes (smize anyone?).

It’s time to take a step back  and be proud for whatever you’re free from. Maybe you’re newly single, maybe you’re happily married because you freed yourself from something else in the past – maybe you see an incredible future for yourself because you’re about to be released. Or maybe you’re free from your thoughts and are finally taking that fitness class you were always scared to try, or finally accomplished a goal you only dreamed about. Whatever it is, be proud and be your own cheerleader.

Go on, give yourself a pat on the back.

You’re free!



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