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Sometimes we need little reminders.

So here is yours.

You are not the mistakes you have made. And your life is not defined by everything you have done wrong.

Your life is defined by all that you are and everything you have become.

Mistakes and all.

You are imperfectly perfect.


Protein Please


Let’s get a few things straight, I don’t really cook, though I’m’s a sad but true fact. And I don’t like hummus. Weird, I know. And I eat, a lot. Like a lot a lot. So normally my snacks consist of chocolate, an avocado here and there, cheese, or whatever I can steal away from a co-workers snack drawer. Until now (drum roll please….).

Friends meet my new favorite snack. Snack meet friends.

It’s so simple! Throw some chickpeas, olive oil, mixed peppers (the mini ones from Trader Joe’s are the bomb), salt, pepper and garlic into your blender (or Vitamix = heaven) and wham bam thank you mam. Your a$$ and your self-judgement will thank you. You can dip pita, veggies, crackers, pretty much anything into this lil gem of a treat. It’s so easy to make and is high in protein, iron and vitamin C, so what are you waiting for?

(And yes, those are salt/pepper shakers from a restaurant…whoopsie)








Ok, so maybe it looks like baby poop, but I swear it tastes good.

Go on. Get yourself some!

She’s Crafty


Picture rain, sweatpants, boyfriend + dog, slippers and the aroma of warm food food on the stove and that is my Tuesday night.  Ahhh. Heaven. I couldn’t wait to sit down and finally dig into this warm and colorful comfort food that I had made for us – homemade butternut squash soup and savory paninis.  Have I mentioned I don’t really cook? Well that’s not entirely true, I’m learning, slowly slowly learning and absorbing. So where’d I get this yummy recipe you ask? Well my cooler than cool friend just started this fantastic food blog ( where she’s posting all of these beautiful, colorful, simple and super tasty recipes that she’s making up and creating as she goes. She lives in San Fran and makes it easy for even the super challenged apron wearer (me) to produce beautiful snacks, deserts and meals. Check out her blog – she rocks. She’s a little bit sassy and a lot of bit cool.

So as boyfriend and I were dunking our sammys in our warm and comforting soup (seriously, go print up the recipe) we started discussing how fun our fridge was. Odd dinner conversation, I know. Like we should’ve been talking about world peace, or politics – but nope, fridge decor it was. But as I went to said fridge to grab more spicy mustard for the sandwhich (always grab more spicy mustard), I noticed how fabulous our fridge really has become and how it makes me feel when I look at it. So remember when I told you about how I had an amazing Saturday doing arts and crafts and….wait….I didn’t tell you.

Ok rewind (insert DJ Quik spinnin some records). So last weekend a best girlfriend and I had quite an amazing day. We crafted, chatted, sat in the sun and watched SATC. Ahhh, good day, good day. Who knew that when you’re not 21 Saturdays can consist of other things besides laying on the couch nursing a hangover, ordering takeout and watching Lifetime movies. So I found this super cute craft idea on this rad blog ( and decided to give it a whirl. I sometimes need to follow things step by step to get a good result. My friend, on the otherhand, she was a pro. She’s one of those people that can visualize something then make it come to life. Jerk. She came up with this cool idea of making personalized votive candle holders. Insert 2 trips to Michaels Arts & Craft Store (Fun Fact: I used to work there in college), a mess of craft supplies, the sun, the grass, an overly intrigued dog and 2 best friends – a perfect day for crafts!

Even my 4 legged friend’s paw took part in the creative process.

Hours and lots of laughs later we had officially crafted.


Funky fridge magnets? Check. Unique candle holders? Check.

Want instructions on either? Let me know and I’ll send your way.

(These candle holders turned out suuuuuper sweet)

Ok so back to me getting the mustard. Wow. Hello tangent. Typical girl style too. Soooo we started noticing how fun our fridge was based on these super fun magnets (with words that inspire, make us smile, whatever; adventure, bright, family, beach house, chocolate) and all the pictures we have on it. Pictures of us, pictures of friends, family, pictures of cool places we’ve been – pretty much everything. Postcards, wedding invites. Oddly enough I had taken everything off the fridge that very same day to give it a good wipe down and woah, it was so boring, and white and lifeless! How great is it when some pictures and magnets can totally brighten up your kitchen. It’s us now. It reflects our funtastic moments. And it’s crafty!

Wait. Halt. What was this post supposed to be about? Who knows…

Go brighten up your kitchen. Or make some crafts with a buddy. Or try out a new recipe.

Just go play. Life’s to short to not be daring.

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul” – Moshe Dayan (Israeli Soldier)


Free. An adjective. The legit definition is: Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes. Well that’s a pretty sweet definition if I do say so myself.

We’re all free from something. Maybe a job that was slowly eating away at you, or a toxic relationship. Maybe you’re free from yourself; from the things you used to tell yourself you could never do, or would never do. Maybe we’re even free from unpleasant locations, people, family members. Anything. Each one of us is free from something. Right now I bet you could list at least 3-5 things in your head you’re free from.

But it seems that for whatever reason we forget to celebrate our freedom. It takes our biggest cheerleaders, who are most times our family/friends/husbands/boyfriends, to remind us of this newfond accomplishment. For some odd reason we never give ourselves enough credit  – maybe it’s because we’re so focused on the mundane daily tasks we’re checking off our lists, or we’re trudging through an unpleasant situation so fast that we forget how incredible we really are. Or maybe we just actually don’t realize it until we hear it from someone else. It’s kind of like, oh yeah. I am pretty great! Look at what I did! Good job self.

 It’s time we remembered. I mean look at you! You’re great.

 When you’re finally free from something it’s like this sensational release. Your thoughts are clear, your soul is jiving in harmony again and you are smiling through your eyes (smize anyone?).

It’s time to take a step back  and be proud for whatever you’re free from. Maybe you’re newly single, maybe you’re happily married because you freed yourself from something else in the past – maybe you see an incredible future for yourself because you’re about to be released. Or maybe you’re free from your thoughts and are finally taking that fitness class you were always scared to try, or finally accomplished a goal you only dreamed about. Whatever it is, be proud and be your own cheerleader.

Go on, give yourself a pat on the back.

You’re free!