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Spice It Up


Ever see something you want to buy, but you go home and don’t buy it, but think about it the rest of the night, or even the next day?

Trust me when I say that’s a sign you should buy it. I had this happen to me recently while at Nordstroms and decided that I just had to buy this super cute book I was flipping through, and so I did (Lotta Jansdotter’s “Stencils” book I mean with a cool name like that I was intrigued.  And so I shall tell you all about it this new lil treasure that will be arriving to my doorstep soon.

I can’t wait for it to get here, you have no idea. Turns out when you’re an adult you still love arts and crafts time just as much – if not even more than when you were a kid. Makes me miss recess when I think about arts and crafts, man, kickball with boys who pretend they don’t like you, meeting up with secret club members that only a few exclusive girls were let into, swinging forever and ever in the sun…oh wait…ok back to the book.

Who doesn’t want to jazz up their life and house in an easy, cost effective and simple way? Um hi, I do, thanks. So this book has super fun stencils and ideas for adding more love and personality to everything around you; walls, flower pots, boxes, kitchenware – pretty much anything you can think of. Face stenciling anyone?

And what’s even cooler is that it turns out the connection between being creative and personal happiness is no new idea or anything. The more you allow yourself to just kind of daydream and do things like painting, scrapbooking, jewelry making – the more you are allowing yourself to let some new and positive juice flow into your possibly tired or stressed blood. Robert Epstein said “Greater creativity breeds greater happiness. The creative process is itself a source of joy for most people. And with new creative powers we’re also better able to solve the little problems that beset us daily.” Woah, sweet! So you’re telling me by painting like a 5 year old for a few hours I’m going to be able to conquer my problems in a more efficient way? Yep, I’m sold. Sign me up.

Houses and walls and kitchens and all of that can be so serious sometimes. Ever look around your casa and have a moment of woah, this is so boring and so not me. Well time to lighten up your house and yourself! Ever read “The Happiness Project”? Oh man if you haven’t you’re missing out! (buy it, now. Like right now). And if you have you can probably recall in one of the chapters where we are taught how the simple act of “lightening up” some areas of our life contributes to our overall happiness. How cool is that.

Ever notice how your mood instantly changes when you see a rainbow in the distance? Make your own rainbow. Paint, sew, create, discover and do something creatively courageous.

When it doubt, stencil it out 🙂

Everything’s Better With A +1


It’s true. In this instance I’m referring to girlfriends as your +1, though boyfriends/husbands/dogs are pretty fantastic +1’s too, don’t get me wrong.

I did yoga this morning with a friend and as I was driving to work feeling sore, with wet hair, I got to thinking – how funny that we enjoy doing yoga together. We don’t speak, we don’t laugh, we don’t tell stories, bitch or complain like we usually do – we just show up, place our mats side by side and flow for an hour. Why is it that we want to do yoga with a friend then? Or see a movie with a friend? Or do any activities that don’t require any talking (something us girls are very good at)? Because being with a girlfriend just makes everything better. Having that +1 makes everything more enjoyable, right?

Think about it. A walk, running errands, a meal, break-ups, make-ups, everything is better with a +1. Did you know that your health and well being is in direct proportion to the quality of your friendships? It’s true. In this case, it’s of course quality over quantity, but there’s research to back it up.


  • Having a best friend in your life can lower your blood pressure and chronic stress levels by 50%
  • Married people say friendship is 5 times as important as physical intimacy within their marriage. (WOW! That is actually scary)
  • People who say they dont have friends at work only have a 1 in 12 chance of feeling engaged with their job. Conversely, if you have a “work best friend” you are 7 times more likely to feel engaged in your job. (Thank god for mine)

The saddest thing of all is when people don’t have those +1’s. The people they call when something great happened, or when something horrific has taken place. The girls that can see through your fake smile, or tell you when you really need a new dye job. The friends that you can be your horrible, ugly self around, and who will still love you to the moon and back. 23% of people say they really don’t feel like they have close friends. That number is horrible! How is this even possible? Boo hoo for those peeps.

Think about what being with your friends feels like, what it looks like, and what it sounds like. To me it’s uncontrollable laughter, hearts filled with light and love, and one of those scenes in a movie you just want to jump into and imagine yourself in. A close friend is really like holding up a mirror to yourself. They are a reflection of you, both good and bad.

Research estimates that by the time you’re 50 you’re going to lose touch with at least 5 of your best friends. FIVE! That is so sad, but I guess I can see how that can happen. Moves, marriages, milestones – life happens and changes us and can do a whirlwind on our lives before we know it. It’s up to us to keep our friendships thriving, bright and strong. For if we don’t have our friends, what do we have?

Friendships are vital for our wellbeing. Did you know that an average woman smiles 62 times a day? And guess what the man’s # is. 8. On average, a man only smiles 8 times a day. What?? Thank god for my girlfriends, because I want to smile WAY more than 8 times a day 🙂

Sometimes it’s easier to back out of plans with a friend, or make up excuses why you can’t meet up, but don’t do it too much – because before you know it, you may not have that many friends anymore. Hell – I don’t want to be 50 and have lost all my besties! That sounds like some miserable sh*t to me. So let’s be friends! And let’s vow to always be friends.

Go on. Pick up the phone, and text a friend, and make some plans. Right now. Or at least vow to yourself the next few things you’re invited to do you’ll actually do them. No excuses.

Be a friend. And love your friends. For that is your best therapy (along with booze and yoga of course).

Everything’s better with a +1. Everything.

Hello World!


Why hello there!

If you’re reading this post than I guess you are going to be going on this crazy journey of nonsense writing and life lessons along with me. So welcome aboard! I’ve always wanted a spot to capture, highlight and really quite honestly just share all of the things I’m constantly discovering and learning in life, so this is said spot I guess 🙂 I have way too many hilarious moments and fantastic lil things happen to me on a daily basis there’s just no way I cannot share them. I have so much to say, and yet no appropriate place to say it without getting on everyone’s nerves around me. Oh and if you are a featured player in my daily life occurances I apologize in advance, for I am sure we just have too much fun for me not to share our creepy moments on here 🙂

Peaceloveandhippiness. Hmmm….What does that mean to you?

To me it just about sums up life. And all of the crazy adventures it entails.

I can’t promise you that I will have enlightening posts on here or meaningful conversation whatsoever, however, I can promise you one thing. This will be fun. This will be funny. And most importantly, this will be a place to wrap all of lifes crazy condundrums into one place.

It will be a little bit crazy, and a lot of bit weird.

Ready, set, here we go!